Drawing, digital prints and workshops

I've not managed a daily drawing session, but nevertheless progress on this portrait is being made. It's a self portrait, yes, those are the tired eyes of a new Mom! Next step is to add the hair and a suggestion of neck and shoulders. I'll probably do that a bit more loosely and keep the detail to the face.  I'm planning to digitally print this to fabric at some point.

With digital printing in mind I had to show you this quilt.

Don't you just love it? Designed and quilted by Catherine Rye, printed by us here at Fingerprint. I thought it was interesting to show you an example of a wholecloth design. In fabric and printing terms a print like this would cost around £36-£45. If you have designs in your sketchbook or photos that you'd like to have printed to fabric then you're always very welcome to email me for advice before ordering.

I've been putting the theory to test with my own sketchbook pages and have added new printed panels to the online shop at Fingerprint. Here's a look at some of the new fabrics:

At risk of sounding like an advert, these are printed onto cotton poplin and are £1.50 for a 20cm version or £6 for a 45cm size. I think they'd look great as statement cushions or maybe with some borders added to make a wallhanging.

I'd been thinking about the possibility of running a few workshops later this year. Obviously I'm not keen on travelling too much now I've got little Amelie, so I thought it would be fun to organise something that's local and hope that people might come. I mentioned it on my Facebook page and there has been a good response so I'm going to work on the details. Of course it's impossible to pick a date and a subject that'll suit everyone so I'm planning on doing a few different dates, maybe some as one day classes and some as two day. There's so much we could do and I thought, amongst other things, it would be fun to experiment with some mixed media techniques to make some designs on paper or in sketchbooks, look at how these might be digitally printed and then how those prints can be used in stitched textiles. I've got to pin down a nice venue, but the classes will take place somewhere in the South Staffordshire area. If that sounds like something you might like to come and do then please email me to register your interest and I'll keep you informed about what, where and when!

Catch up again soon,


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  2. These are some great looking paintings. Is it possible to order these for digital printing here in New York City? Thanks again, wonderful work!

  3. Hi Richard, Great to hear you've enjoyed seeing the paintings. We digitally print them to fabric here in the UK and are happy to ship to the US. If you'd like a quote on postage costs just let me know. Laura

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  5. What a great paint and looks like Realistic Object. Wish there were more like this.

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