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Into Production

I'm piecing the Ruby Star quilt using English Paper Piecing. It's probably my favourite piecing technique. I love it because it's pretty easy to stay accurate even with tiny pieces. My diamonds are 1" which I hope will be small enough to give a jewel-like result at the end.

The stages are all doable and portable too - cutting the papers...and the diamonds...

tacking them over the papers...

And piecing the stars...

It's only when I start to join the stars that I'll be able to sit underneath it, perfect, because by then it'll be cooler weather! I'm itching to start adding the black diamonds in between, but really I need to be patient and sew more stars so I can get a good distribution of the colours. This may well be a scrap quilt, but the control freak in me won't let go completely!

Thank you again for your donations to the fund via the Just Giving page, and also for your most generous parcels of fabric that have been arriving daily. My lovely frien…

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