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Landscape Inspirations

So now my current treatment plan is complete, I've got no legit reason for laying around lounging. I've been heading out for (almost) daily walks, partly to get my fitness back to something reasonable, partly for the thinking time, and mostly because I just like being out in the landscape, looking at the trees, birds, colour of the sky. God, that sounds properly airy fairy doesn't it? Seriously though, you've got to experience things and work from that, get to know your subject, digest it. I'm often asked where do you get your inspiration from?, and honestly, it's just from daily life. What I see, feel and think about the place I live in, the people I know and live with. It's nothing fancy, but when you love all those things and appreciate the detail of it all, it can't fail but to be inspirational.

Take a look at this for instance...

I took this photo on my morning walk yesterday. How perfect is it? No not my photography, that's patchy at best, but…

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