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Pixie Dress

If you follow my Instagram page then you'll already have seen this little poser wearing the Pixie Dress from Violette Field Threads. It's an instant PDF download pattern that you can print at home. I know these can be a pain, printing out all the sheets and taping them together, but really I don't mind for kids' clothes as the pieces are pretty small and you can make a start right away!

I really like the pattern because of the way the bodice is constructed with a panel front and back with sleeve sections added. The panel is the perfect place to showcase some special fabric, or maybe something printed, or embroidered. 

The back has a 'v' cut out and simple ties which look really pretty.

The only thing that caught me out was how much fabric is needed for the skirt. I think it must pretty much be a full circle skirt. Luckily I'd got enough, and apparently, it's perfect for twirling.

I've got loads of patterns that are downloaded and I never print out t…

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