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The bubble burst

I never blog the bad stuff. I only like to check in here when there is something happy and creative to share. But now I have to make an exception. I've been talking a lot recently about the work that I've been doing for Festival of Quilts. Unfortunately Linda and I have had to withdraw from this years Festival. I was told on May 11th that it was 99% certain I had cancer and a week later it was confirmed. It was a huge shock as I'd been feeling quite well and the doctors suspected nothing more than Crohn's at worst. I'd asked if it could be cancer and they assured my that it would be so rare, so unlikely. But there's always one, and this time it's me.

Feeling well, I could have walked away from all the tests, but fortunately my doctor encouraged me to have just one more investigation. And there it was, a large tumour in my bowel. It's taken time to find it, but now we know it's there the action has been swift. My operation is on June 13th and my surg…

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