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The Grand Total

What can I say beyond THANK YOU! The grand total raised by the Ruby Star Quilt Project, including the Ruby Run and the Raffle is an astonishing £15,809.94. The support I've had from each of you has been incredible. Thank you 15000 times!

It's clear that cancer affects so many of us, the scary stat that 1 in 2 will hear their doctor say 'cancer'. When I heard those words little did I know that I was about to embark on a time in my life when, frightening as it was, I would never feel so loved and cared for. By my family and friends of course, but also people I've never even met. If good wishes and positive thought can make a difference then I have had more than my fair share. Thank you.
The debt I owe is massive, to the surgeon, oncologists, the nurses and all the other staff who have done their best to give me a chance at outrunning this. There's no 'all clear', the scans continue, maybe there will be more treatment to come. I can't repay what they …

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