Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Workshop Dates

The summer holidays are rapidly coming to an end so it's time to start thinking about going back to school! Because I'm working on other important projects at the moment, I'm just scheduling in a few workshops for this autumn. I hope there's something to suit you...

Art Quilt Adventures

23rd September 2015
21st October 2015

Designed for students looking to create a body of work and explore a theme, this series of workshops will encourage personal development and confidence in design. Students will be encouraged to work with sketchbooks, and drawing and painting in its broadest sense to investigate themes and ideas before working ideas through into stitched textiles, specifically art quilts. 

We’ll spend time learning how to analyse and evaluate ideas, sources of inspiration and our own work through both group critique and one-to-one chats. There will be technical instruction and guidance from me as we explore the potential of a wide variety of techniques for working on both fabric and paper. Workshop time will also be allocated for students to work independently taking advantage of the studio facilities and equipment.

You will bring work that you are currently doing as a starting point on which to build, but this need only be in the very early stages. You will be expected to work at home between sessions to keep progress moving along.

This course is not suitable for beginners to art, design and quiltmaking, but it’s perfect for anyone with some skills looking to push their work further with the support of an enthusiastic and friendly tutor in a creative and relaxed environment.

Course fees include use of studio equipment and most materials, lunch and refreshments.

This will be an opportunity to take a series of ongoing workshops as part of a mentoring programme. More dates will be added but for now you are just committing to two, think of it as a taster!

£65 per day
Update: These classes are fully booked but please email to go on the waiting list

Mixed Media Monoprint

7th October 2015

A one-day workshop exploring the potential of monoprint when used in combination with other techniques such as collage, drawing and painting. We’ll be working on paper with a variety of monoprint methods. Students will also be invited to work in sketchbooks. Monoprint is a fast and fun technique and you’ll amass a large collection of prints with time to develop them in class. I’ll also suggest lots of ideas for you to explore at home.

This class is suitable for beginners and those with more experience. 

Course fees include use of studio equipment and all materials, lunch and refreshments.

Update: This class is fully booked but please email to go on the waiting list

Classes take place in my studio near Bridgnorth, Shropshire. There are lots of options for good places to stay and to eat nearby, just let me know if you need recommendations.

To reserve a space in the classes please just email me

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Through Our Hands - Issue 6 - Out Now!

The latest issue of Through Our Hands is out now! It's completely free to read so do please share the news with your friends, students, colleagues and fellow artists. It's packed out with loads of articles featuring artists such as Marie Bergstedt, Agnes Herczeg, Pauline Burbidge and Genevieve Attinger. Our roving reporters have been out exploring exhibitions such as Love is Enough (Warhol and Morris) and Agnes Martin at the Tate. I think it might be our best issue yet and I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to, you can purchase a copy to download and keep which is great if you want to read offline on your computer, iPad or Kindle. Here's the link to buy your copy:

Buy eBook

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Provocation and Reaction

I remember Mom telling me once about a quilt that was on exhibition in the US, maybe in Houston, and a visitor feeling so aggrieved that they threw paint at it. Who knows why that person was so angry and why they happened to have paint with them, but how good that a quilt, a comfy, cosy, safe thing like a quilt could provoke such an action. To me that was the pinnacle of success!

A blog post about an exhibition that was part of this year's Festival of Quilts was drawn to my attention earlier. The writer was exclaiming how angry she'd felt about a body of work that was on display there. She was upset about the negative way in which she felt it portrayed women, that it perpetuated a myth or a negative state of mind. If you're inclined to do so, you can read it here and draw your own conclusions.

Of course what matters most is not the subject matter, but that the subject matters to the artist. Not to the masses, but to the individual and if it does, it is of course valid and worthy and right and should be exhibited. There is much to be seen in the art quilt world that is bland and forgettable and derivative, second-hand ideas and half-baked concepts. I would rather the work that was being shown was representational of a strong voice, even if it's one I might disagree with. Let's face it, if you're making work that everyone likes then you're in the middle of the road and that's no place to be.

If you see work whose subject matter or concept or driving principle doesn't resonate with you just move on, walk by, there's lots more out there to look at. But don't forget, art is the visual expression of one person's opinion, there's nothing to say that you have to agree with that opinion to appreciate the standpoint of the maker and the validity of their experience and emotion.

Ooh that got a bit heavy, back with something much more light and easy going soon...

Friday, 21 August 2015

Studio Sale - Rare Beauty #2

I have added a new piece to my Summer Studio Sale. Available today at a very special price is this quilt:
Rare Beauty #2
72cm x 103cm (28.5" x 40.5")

Wholecloth, digital print, hand painting, hand printing, machine quilting

£375 plus shipping at cost (worldwide is no problem)
Please email me if you'd like to give this quilt a home.

Thanks for visiting,

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

This green and pleasant land

We've lived here for almost two years now and while we didn't move far, I still have been planning to do some work inspired by my new landscape. Gradually I've been exploring, taking photos and getting to know the place. For reasons I won't go into, Jamie found himself on the church tower this weekend and took some great photos of the village. I'm hoping I can make use of these in some way...

The tower and spire in total are over 200ft high!

In through this amazing door. 

And up to the top of the tower.

with lovely views of the countryside and the finest house in the village, the beautiful mid 16th Century hall.

Thanks for visiting.
Back soon,

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sale - Painted Pear

My summer studio sale continues. Today's piece is a small mixed media panel.
Painted Pear
Collagraph, collage, painting on wooden panel
8" x 8" x 3/4" (20.5cm x 20.5cm x 2cm)

£25 plus postage (shipping worldwide is no problem)
 Please email me if you'd like to reserve. 

Update: This piece has now sold.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Bye for now,

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Summer Sale

OK well it's not been the most amazing summer of sunshine here in the UK, but I still want to celebrate these long, light and productive days and what better way than with a sale. I've been organising my studio, trying to find homes for everything and preparing to begin some new work. I've come across all sorts of things I never knew I had! To be honest, it's time to clear the decks and make some room.

So, I've decided to offer a few quilts at very special, reduced, one-time only prices. I hope that if you've been interested in buying a piece of my work, that you'll be tempted to give one of these a home. If you would like more information about any of these pieces just drop me a line. I'll post a new one every day over the next few days. Here's the first one that's up for grabs.

'What Dreams May Come #2', 2015
45cm x 123cm
Digital print, discharge, drawing, handwritten text, machine quilting.

£625 Summer Sale Special price £375
plus postage (shipping worldwide is no problem)

(Update: This one has now sold. Look out for another quilt on sale tomorrow, Laura x)

If you'd like to give this quilt a new home please email to reserve. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today, bye for now,

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fingerprint at Festival

With taking care of such a large exhibition at Festival of Quilts this year, we couldn't manage our usual stand too. I know lots of people were disappointed not to be able to browse the fabrics, but I just couldn't be in two places at once, much as I'd like to be!

Fingerprint still had a presence at the show though - I kept spotting quilts that we'd printed. Here are the ones I managed to get pictures of...

Congratulations to Hazel Ryder who won 3rd place in the Quilters' Guild Challenge with this wholecloth quilt. It's a digital photo that we printed on a medium plain cotton.

The lighting on this triptych by Georgina Newson was dramatic, but my photo isn't doing it any favours. They were 3 lovely pieces. We printed Georgina's drawings of the woman onto silk and cotton.

Congratulations are in order again for Susan Orchin for this quilt which won the Art Quilt category. It's a wholecloth which we printed onto cotton poplin.

I love Alice in Wonderland and had been looking forward to seeing how this piece by Jane Varrall would come together. I think it's turned our brilliantly don't you? We printed the figures of Alice onto cotton poplin which Jane has appliqu├ęd onto the background.

I spotted this quilt by Karin Huttemann. Last time I saw these fabrics they were images that we'd printed as greyscale so it was great to see how Karin had over dyed them and added more detail with hand printing.

I haven't seen this quilt in real life, so thank you to Jenny Bacon who made it for sharing the photo. She's made lovely use of one of our printed fabrics from the Fingerprint range, this one is called Frosted Leaves. Jenny's placed it within a hand dyed surround which she's then closely hand quilted.

If you have ideas for quilts using digital printing then please do get in touch and I'll be happy to advise on the fabrics that we have available. The possibilities are endless! My email address is Here at Fingerprint we're keen to make digital printing accessible to everyone. Prices start from £6 for a fat quarter, most cottons are £36 per metre (60") wide and prices include fabric and printing, the only extra is postage depending on where you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting today,

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Through Our Hands at Festival of Quilts

For those of you who couldn't make it here's a quick photo tour of Maker, Making Made by Through Our Hands at Festival of Quilts, 2015.

Gallery view with Clare Smith's Bitter Harvest in the foreground. This piece was drip-dyed during the show.

We had a small gallery shop area with greetings cards, small works and of course, the new book. On the wall, St Ives by Elizabeth Barton.

Below, from left to right: Work by Olga Prins Lukowski, Mirjam Pet Jacobs (on the plinths) and Jenni Dutton.

Below: Sandra Meech.

Below: My quilt Restless Heart and Counting the Days by Els van Baarle.

Just some of the info panels that we used to give an insight into the artists' working practise.

From left: Work by Eszter Bornemisza, Els van Baarle and Genevieve Attinger.

Below: Annabel's performance piece, also known as Poisonous Plant.

Below: Clare Smith.

Below: Work by Annabel Rainbow and Michala Gyetvai.

Below: Susan Lenz's Wall of Keys.

Below: Works by Alicia Merrett.

Below: Works by Bobby Britnell.

Below: A wood and barkcloth collaboration by Bobby and Barney Britnell.

Below: Gallery view with mine and Linda's performance quilt And the Swallows Were Flying.

Below: Works by Jette Clover.

Below: Works by Sue Stone, Annabel Rainbow, Linda Barlow, Dijanne Cevaal and you can also just spot Edge of a Feather by Linda and me.

Below: Annabel painting her quilt.

A big thank you to everyone who came to see the exhibition and were so kind with your comments. Annabel and I were so excited to bring together this collection of work and I hope there was something inspirational for everyone. 

Bye for now,