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Saddle Sleeve Tee

I've not always had my brain in gear for proper work lately, but I've been keeping myself well occupied. Some of it is undoubtedly 'busywork' just so I'm not sitting doing absolutely nothing, but I've decided that is better than nothing on the worst days.

What I have been really enjoying is dressmaking. I'm pleased to say that on most days, school uniform aside, Amelie and I are mostly wearing clothes that I've made. I'm really pleased with that partly because I like the challenge of sewing something that's wearable, but also that it gets us away from fast fashion and the throwaway society that we live in. When you've made something yourself, it stops being disposable and I think we're then much more aware of the value of that garment.

I'm not sure that's yet rubbed off onto Amelie though, she just thinks she goes to school and when she comes home there's a new outfit to wear!

I made this saddle sleeve t-shirt a few weeks ago…

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