The Ruby Star Quilt

Hello! So sorry to have been absent from here for so long. I've been sewing, sewing and more sewing! The piecing of the Ruby Star quilt is finally complete. This has been my labour of love for over one year. The quilt has kept me company though all of my cancer treatment and beyond.

I'm now putting the finishing touches to it by freehand quilting. It's a treat to have a change of pace from the slow hand stitching to putting my foot down on the machine!

I'm keeping the quilting simple, stitching with red thread (thanks Madeira) on the red stars and black on the black background. I'm bouncing my quilting lines from point to point so there's no marking to do, just lots of lovely stitching. If you're quilting a paper pieced quilt then I think this is a great way to tackle it. Yes there are lots of seam allowances at the points, but I admit I quite like the sound of the machine as it satisfyingly thunders through.

I'm posting as I go on Instagram so if you'd like more frequent updates please do follow my account over there and I'll try to post often.

Thank you for all your continual support for this project. I'll be back here shortly with more exciting news.

Love Laura


  1. It is a beautiful and very meaningful quilt!!!!! Glad you are doing well!

  2. The quilt is beautiful. It is gorgeous testament to your perseverance and healing progress.

  3. Great job Laura.. I love this beautiful quilt, colors are also very beautiful and it looks stunning. You have great skills of designing and embroidery digitizing. Thanks.


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