I found myself photographing favourite portraits whilst wandering round the galleries in London last week, but don't you also find that hands are important in portrait paintings too?

Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1538, National Gallery

The National have a great page on this painting on their website where you can zoom in close.

Helene Rouart in her Father's Study, detail, Degas, 1886, The National Gallery

Portrait of Elena Carafa, detail, Degas, 1875, The National Gallery

Above and below: The Armada Portrait, detail, artist unknown, 1588, Queen's House

Hands resting on globes, I have a bit of a thing for globes. I'm quite fascinated by them. In the gallery this painting is placed opposite a beautiful celestial globe from the same period.

Portrait of James Lancaster, unknown artist, 1596, National Maritime Museum

Portrait of Sir John Hawkins, artist unknown, 1581, National Maritime Museum

Tudor Seafarer, artist unknown, 1596, National Maritime Museum 

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