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Pretty Ugly

It's interesting isn't it, to consider beauty within quilt making? Maybe because of it's feminine roots, quilts should be pretty and delicate. I was told once that if I made work that was more cheerful I would sell more...ha! I would hope that my work, on the whole, is considered to be quite pleasing to the eye, not necessary pretty, but well composed, balanced.

I just made this.

I suspect that there might be quite a few people who would have preferred it before I spray painted the words on it.

And yes, it was more attractive before I did that, more delicate, pretty even. I know the text is ugly and you might say I've spoiled it, but that's the point I suppose. There are lots of things in life that are perfect and get ruined.

With hindsight I wimped out. I should have sprayed right across the face. More courage next time.

This piece is entirely digitally quilting and, referring to my previous post, what this has done is freed me up to be able to be more experimenta…

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