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A little update...

Hi everyone,

It's first day of Chemo Round 5 so that means steroids and that means being wide awake at bedtime. So I thought I may as well type a little update. All bloods were good today, enough white blood cells and everything else OK, so treatment went ahead. I'm having extra stuff to counteract the pins and needles so with that, and the other pre meds, there are plenty of bags to drip through even before the main event of the chemo drugs are started. It's calcium and magnesium to help with the neuropathy and it seemed to do the trick last time so hopefully it'll be effective this time too. Despite the extra meds, it was all done and dusted and I was back home in time for tea. I have an at-home wearable pump that now delivers more chemo drugs over 48 hours. Quite used to this now, and so far, haven't dropped it this time...

I get messages to say how good it is that I'm writing about the treatment and being open about what's happening. Can't really th…

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