The Ruby Star Quilt Raffle

The raffle tickets are available!!!!

If you have followed this blog, you'll know that I've been making a hand pieced, red and black stars quilt while I've had my treatment for cancer. Stitching that quilt got me though some longs days and nights of blood, sweat and tears!

It's a quilt filled with love:

After I put out a call for fabric, amazing people from all over the world starting sending me their scraps large and small. For a number of weeks it was a daily treat to open the post and look through all your beautiful fabrics.

I saved your cards, and the envelopes they arrived in, using them to cut the papers for the quilt. As I tacked the fabrics I could spot glimpses of your hand-written messages and names. I can't tell you what comfort it gives to know that all these people, so many of whom I've never met, are rooting for me.

I stitched and stitched, taking the pieces with me to my hospital appointments, working while the chemo drip dripped away. The quilt was a talking point, everyone wanted to know what I was doing, I became that girl who sewed.

Chemo took seven months, the quilt has taken almost double that. I am never very good at deadlines.

But now it is finished. Well nearly, the bright eyed amongst you will spot the quilting isn't quite done and the binding isn't on, but it will be, very soon.

Without wanting to sound trite, I've stitched my heart and soul, hopes and fears into this quilt. It's become my companion on this rocky road. It's so hard to part with after all this time. But it was always the idea to give the quilt away. To raffle it to raise funds for Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. So let's do it!

Raffle tickets will be available from my stand at Festival of Quilts.
You will be able to find me in the Quilting In Action area on Stand QIA32.

Come and see not only the quilt, but the other amazing prizes (more on those in the next post).

I have fabric left over from the quilt, so I'd like to invite you to come and have a try at paper piecing your own star. I have written an instruction sheet and will have the fabrics ready so please do drop by, get your raffle ticket and a little sewing project to take home.

After missing Festival last year, I'm so excited to be there this year and to have the opportunity to thank you in person for your support and generosity.

See you there!

P.S. if you can't make it to Festival, you can still buy a raffle ticket. They are available from my Just Giving page. Please make sure to leave your email address when you make your purchase so that I can message you with your ticket numbers. If you don't receive an email back from me within 24 hours then it means I've not received your email address and can't write to you! If you don't get your numbers PLEASE email me.


  1. This years Festival will be quite an occasion. So happy you are well and back. Wish I could be there but maybe next year!! Best of success and the finest of health and happiness to you and your family.

  2. Just donated!!! What a wonderful quilt!!!! And what a wonderful soul you are, Laura!!!

  3. I'll be visiting from Canada, Laura, and so looking forward to meeting you and Linda in person! The quilt looks amazing and you should be very proud of the fundraising effort you have already done for the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. You are a force to be reckoned with!!

  4. This post brings tears to my eyes. The quilt is beautiful and so full of meaning. The hours you spent piecing, the love in the fabrics sent, the cut up notes cheering you on, all ending in a gorgeous quilt and a healthy you. You are an amazing woman.


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