First Sewing Lesson

I suppose it goes without saying that Amelie spends a lot of time with people who are making art and doing other creative things. She's always very keen to join in and this week demanded sewing. Course I was happy to oblige.

An old embroidery hoop, some binca, a big plastic needle (needles are very sharp Mommy you have to be careful...), some yarn and she was away.

I tied a ginormous knot in the end of the yarn so it wouldn't pull through the holes and that was all the help she needed. I guess she's been paying attention all this time.

Thanks for dropping by,


  1. My 'baby' just turned 49 and I still remember her doing this same 'sewing'. The knitting yarn needle worked great!

  2. LOVE it!! And such concentration on her face.

  3. What a delightful post!!! Great beginnings and great memories!

  4. Go Amelie!!! It won't be five minutes before she's presenting a slot on DMTV.


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