Lucky I didn't call this a daily blog huh?! OK, long time no post, but I have been working, just on a few things that need to stay under wraps for a while longer.

Alongside I've been doing some smaller pieces like these two...

These are both acrylic on MDF panel and are built up of lots of layers. I love to use glazes when I paint so it's a case of add a layer and walk away to let it dry, then go back and modify with another layer. 

These also both have a line painting technique that I'll be demonstrating in detail on DMTV in a couple of weeks so do look out for that video workshop if you're interested.

More still to do on this one. As soon as I see it on screen I can spot where I need to do loads more work! I like the spots on the t-shirt though, I think that bit is done.

Bye for now,


  1. Looks amazing. Love it a lot. But with a model like that. You could not go wrong.


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