Fabric Haul

Had a very enjoyable few hours in Birmingham this week, and of course went to the Rag Market in search of yet more fabric. I love that the vibrant market is within a moment's walk of all the fancy shops in the malls. Nice to get a bit of both. Mind you, not having been into the city for a while it did strike me at just how packed the shops are with stuff. Rails and rails of clothes. Who's buying it all? I guess the high street isn't dead after all. Mind you, I'd rather make my clothes than buy them if I can and so a few carrier bags of fabric later and I was a very happy shopper.

First up, I was able to complete a mission that's been ongoing for months - searching for the perfect fabric to upholster two 1920s armchairs that I bought off eBay. I'd previously ordered fabric from the internet which looked perfect on screen, but of course wasn't right when it arrived. No doubt it'll come in for something else. At the Rag Market I headed for the first upholstery fabric stall and immediately spotted these...

He had a whole range apparently from the same collection. They were all gorgeous and I could barely choose. I think they'll be spot on for the chairs. Unfortunately because I couldn't get fabric sooner, I've missed my slot with the upholsterer and will have to wait a little longer, but it'll be worth it.

I shopped on the outdoor market for fabric. As usual, at first glance it doesn't look like there's anything to buy, but dig deeper and there is always good stuff. I got this whole pile for £25.

Some are out of season knits which I can barley look at in this warm weather, but by the time I get around to sewing anything from them it'll be at least autumn so they'll be just right.

Now to go and look through my patterns!
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  1. I have the same in my stash too as the one above. I am planning to do a make over for my old chair. For my New studio Of course!


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