I need more fabric like a hole in the head, but when it's all there in front of you, and you can feel it check the drape and get your hands on things that aren't always easy to find, then I can't help but buy. That's how I'm justifying it anyway!

Here are my purchases from Festival of Quilts.

I could not resist these lovely denim prints and buttons. It'll be easy to find a pattern to suit them as they are very soft with a good drape.

Just got a small piece of this interesting Japanese fabric with a very dark blue back. I have no idea what I'll use it for, I need to find another suitably dark blue to pair it with.

I know this has more than a whiff of tea towel about it, but I just really liked the waffle weave. It's 100% cotton and so will be dyed, or dye painted, or printed. Watch this space as they say, just not immediately - there's a list!

Can never have enough striped jersey...

And when you're nearly five, you can never have enough animal print jersey either. 

This one was my splurge - really gorgeous weave and a more interesting colour than it looks in this photo. I already have the pattern ready.

And finally, this simple quilted jersey. Last year I made a winter coat for Amelie and quilted the lining myself. This'll make for a much quicker project and I already have the perfect outer fabric to go with.

All I need is 48 hours in every day and I might get time to use this stuff!

Thanks for visiting the blog today,
Love Laura


  1. I keep telling myself - NO MORE FABRIC. Trouble is, I just don't listen. I love the waffle fabric too, and now I'm imagining it in turquoise!


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