Portrait Paintings

I might not be making new work right now, but I realise that I've not shared some of the pieces that I completed before I became ill. Time for a catch up!

Amelie I

This is an acrylic painting on MDF panel. As with lots of my work, it's built up with many transparent layers, including an acrylic line tracing method that you might have seen me demonstrate on DMTV.

20cm x 30cm x 1cm (approx 8" x 12")

I do love this way of painting. As you can see I've finished it with a gloss finish which looks very nice, but does make it tricky to photograph!

This painting is available for sale at £45. You can purchase it via the DMTV shop in my small works for sale section. Here's a quick link.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back soon with more.
Love Laura