More new work

Hello again! Here is another of the new paintings that I've done this summer. This one is a mixed media piece with collage, textile and acrylic on a wooden panel.

Amelie III

30cm x 30cm x 5cm (approx 12" x 12")

I've used a piece of my own hand quilted textile on the left-hand side of the painting. I've been doing less quilting of late, but I do still enjoy the process and the textured surface that is the result. I particularly like the contrast of something textured next to something very smooth.

The textile is easily integrated into the painting surface when working with acrylics. This whole panel has a gloss pour which I think has unified the surface quite well while not losing the ripples of the hand stitch.

The portrait is a digital reproduction of a drawing that I did in a sketchbook. It's collaged onto the panel and then I've glazed it with layers of transparent, and sometimes opaque, paint.

Thanks for dropping by today, next time - a quilt!
Love Laura


  1. Oh Laura, this is beautiful. I love the addition of the swallow and quilted texture. Truly beautiful. Hope you are still recovering and feeling stronger each day. Hugs.


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