Painting: Laura and Amelie - So Far

So the painting was started back in August and since then it's been propped up in the studio looking accusingly at me every time I venture in there. Various things have been bothering me about it which are on a fix it list. The first thing was pretty major.

I decided it was both too big and the border/portrait ratio was all wrong. It needed much less frame. So I placed some masking tape to indicate where to trim it down.

Jamie was on hand with a saw and chopped the painting down. He managed to cut through the board and the quilt with minimal damage to the edges.

And now I've got a painting whose proportions I'm much happier with and some interesting offcuts.

I particularly like the offcuts in the middle there don't you? (photo below).  Quite an interesting composition that probably wouldn't have happened other than by this most circuitous route!

The trimmed version sits quite well in some niches that we have in our hallway. The painting still needs lots of work, but at least it might have found a home to go to.

Thanks for visiting today. I'll keep posting as I paint.
Love Laura


  1. What a talent! Sooooo Beautifull! Great work!! I love it Laura!

  2. Who knows what can happen when you start chopping things up. It often leads to incredible creations. Well done. They are beautiful surprises. X


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