Adding White

I've been working into my 'rip it up' sketchbook. Lots of the pages in that book were quite darkly painted pieces of work so it's been a lot of fun experimenting with light media to add detail, pattern and highlights.

I've just looked through my art kit and found various white paints, pencils and more to play with.

Working this way brings a lovely richness to the book and makes a refreshing change from starting with white paper.

My video workshop for DesignMatters TV this week takes a look at these pages in more detail and I'll guide you through which specific media I've been using in my demonstration. DMTV members can log in now to watch. If you're not a member, why not consider giving us a try? Membership starts at £12 and for that you get instant access to over 30 video workshops with new content updated every week, and no advertising.

Take a look and check out our free video workshops over on the DMTV website.

Thanks for dropping by today.
Let me know how you get on adding white to your sketchbook pages.
Love Laura