This is Me

So this is the first work towards a series of pieces called This is Me. I've lost count, but I think there are between 15-18 printed heads on fabric. The prints are a two-step process that I demonstrated on DMTV recently using screenprint with stencils and monoprinting.

Each print is fairly small and in order that they'll display together cohesively, I'm adding additional printed and plain fabrics so that they'll have a consistent height. That's affording me an interesting bit of extra space that I can explore some simple texture and pattern within.

I'm working into them now to add several layers of stitch. It's a combination of freehand machine quilting, hand quilting, especially seeding, and digital quilting. They are very heavily stitched, something that's quite practical on a smaller piece of work.

They'll be trimmed and mounted, probably onto wooden panels or boards. I'm accompanying them with some statement tags, but I've not begun work on those yet. So far, the list of work to do is considerably longer than the list of work done!

I love these satin stitched circles. I digitised them very easily on the computer with Premier+ software and then the embroidery machine will happily stitch them out wherever I like.

They'll look a lot more presentable once they are trimmed. 

Four down, at least 11 more to go. Better get back to it!

Bye for now,


  1. I love these. The texture from the stitching and the graphic quality is so enticing. Beautiful!


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