Handmade Christmas

So I've been on a bit of a mission to avoid too much plastic tat and glitter this Christmas. Not easy when there's a 6 year old in the house who's entire Christmas list comprised of the rubbish that gets advertised on Nick Jr. Needless to say, Father Christmas has gone off-list. I just hope she's not too disappointed!

We've continued the tradition of adding new decorations to the tree each year with handmade ones by Amelie like these...

And I've been trying to make as many gifts as I can. I made these little purses and a pencil case for Amelie's friends. They're quilted and embroidered on the Husqvarna Epic and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. When you're six, there's nothing better than something with your name on and the digital embroidery is such a nice way of achieving that.

Next up, for Amelie's best buddy I've made a velvet cushion with their photos on. Couldn't resist a bit of pompom trim to finish it off! He opened it today and it was a big hit. Course I now have to make another for Amelie to have the same...

My friends have been so kind and I wanted to so special things for them too, so for one I've done another custom cushion. This time an antique map of China (where she's from) printed onto velvet. I picked out some of the blue tones in the map for the piping.

And so far, that's all I've managed to finish and photograph, but there are still a few days left! On my list to complete is another Luna Lapin rabbit, which at the moment is just a collection of body parts. I did have plans for another cushion, a coat and top for Amelie, a hand knitted cowl for my sister, the cakes need icing and the garlands need making for the gates. I realise as I type this, how crazy this sounds, particularly when I spend 4 days out of 14 at the hospital for appointments and a further 5 days at least, laying low from the effects of the chemo, but hey, it's good to be ambitious. What will get done will get done and the rest can wait!

If I don't pop back here before Christmas, then I just want to wish you all the very best of health and happiness for the festive season and 2019. I have so appreciated all of your support and overwhelming kindness this year. I have never felt so loved and looked after! I will be very much enjoying Christmas as home with my nearest and dearest, but most definitely taking time to think about the people in hospital who can't be home, and the wonderful staff who work over the festive season to keep us all going.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Bye for now,


  1. Your gifts are wonderful!!!!! I can see how everyone will be thrilled with receiving one!!!! Happy Holidays and you are on the downhill slide,my dear!!! Soon your treatments will be behind you and 2019 will be a fantastic year!!!!

  2. Thinking of you and the entire family this season. Hope it is stellar!!

  3. Wishing you the best Christmas with your Family And Friends. Sending love and hugs xx

  4. Wishing you and your family my very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Thank you for all your posts and blogs, I love your work.xx

  5. Put this year behind you and face the new year with renewed energy. All the very best to you and yours...and may your courage continue xxx

  6. Where do you get your velvet printed? Is this one you do yourself? I’m on a bit of a quest. Oh, and you put me to shame. My excuse is a full time job - nothing as demanding as your life. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Yes, we printed the velvet here. We used to do custom printing, but since I've been ill it's gone on the back burner. We might start offering the service again, it just depends how things pan out!

  7. Wishing you and all the family a very Happy Christmas. xx

  8. Wishing you and the entire Kemshall family a wonderful holiday season. May the New Year be filled with joy, loads of laughter, and clean bills of health. I love Amelie's ornament. I recently boxed up my Nephews Christmas trinkets to send to him for his tree. His boys are now the age he was when he made them and he was thrilled. The gifts are beautiful. The velvet looks so huggable and elegant at the same time. I love the photo of the two buddies walking hand in hand. Happy Solstice and wishing you all the best.

  9. I do wish you and your Mom and the rest of the family a most wonderful Xmas and New Year. Congratulations and great kudos to you for the tremendous courage and fortitude you have shown in this very difficult year. You are doing it with such grace, only good will come of it.I know a wonderful New Year awaits you.

  10. Wishing all the Kendall family a wonderful Christmas and the very best for a better worry free new year. Much love.

  11. Such great gifts! Did you find the velvet with the map print or did you print it yourself? I love the idea of personalized zipper pouches. Applique' can be so tedious, but sewing out the names on a machine is the way to go! Hope your day was great. Happy New Year!

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