Pretty Ugly

It's interesting isn't it, to consider beauty within quilt making? Maybe because of it's feminine roots, quilts should be pretty and delicate. I was told once that if I made work that was more cheerful I would sell more...ha! I would hope that my work, on the whole, is considered to be quite pleasing to the eye, not necessary pretty, but well composed, balanced.

I just made this.

I suspect that there might be quite a few people who would have preferred it before I spray painted the words on it.

And yes, it was more attractive before I did that, more delicate, pretty even. I know the text is ugly and you might say I've spoiled it, but that's the point I suppose. There are lots of things in life that are perfect and get ruined.

With hindsight I wimped out. I should have sprayed right across the face. More courage next time.

This piece is entirely digitally quilting and, referring to my previous post, what this has done is freed me up to be able to be more experimental. Would I have hesitated to spray paint over something that I'd freehand quilted, or hand quilted? Well maybe for a moment more! I don't value the piece any less because it's digital, it's not that it's throwaway, it's just that I made it with less labour so if it did all go horribly wrong I wouldn't feel like I'd wasted so much time.

Anyway, spray painting is compulsive. Better keep me away from underpasses and railway bridges from now on.



    I would never have the guts to do that!
    You made your quilt very edgy. I wondered why you sprayed that......why the question mark was put on the left side......was there a reason that made you do it....
    You left the safe place and went where it was not safe. You have now made me think about that, where can I go where it is not safe. Great job!

  2. You are a brave woman although I have to admit about 10 years ago I rollered blue paint across my face on a self portrait. I actually love it. Go for it!!!!

  3. I too have rollered paint over a beautifully quilted piece , just because it lacked something, I must say I have always loved the effect. Haven’t tried grafittti before but certainly will now. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Banksy has done pretty well with a can of spray paint. I say go for it! If you sprayed rainbows and flowers would it make it "prettier"? Maybe, but it wouldn't embrace what was in your heart at the moment. Have fun!

  5. I'm trying to decide about spraying across the face. I can see why you didn't - it's Amelie after all! - and it does bring the face into a really sharp focus which could be good if that's what the piece is about. Spraying over the face completely changes the focus of the piece I think, and makes it about the message - you can then look at it closely for meaning/s. And, btw, I've never seen you make anything ugly, ever! Good job. I love the way you push the boundaries. So wish I had a machine like that one, so I could be freer to experiment more. I know a great graffiti artist btw if you want tips!! A xx

    1. ps If the aim was to make it ugly/challenging you're gonna have to change your handwriting - yours is lovely!! Mine is ghastly and I'll happily volunteer x


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