On the Machine

I'm really pleased that I've got a piece of work in this year's Fine Art Quilt Masters at Festival of Quilts. But I had intended that quilt to be for the Through Our Hands exhibition, also at Festival. So I've been working on a second piece and I'm almost there with it. Thought you might like to see how it's looking so far...

It's handprinted (monoprint) and I did that part of the process a long time ago. Next came the portrait drawing. It's Amelie as a baby and I drew it about a couple of years ago. It's sat around unquilted because I couldn't decide how to tackle the face. Any stitch will really disrupt the effect of the drawing. I have a solution in mind, I just have to test the theory.

So I've been quilting away, freehand on just my regular machine (not the long arm).

It's very satisfying to fill in amongst the hedge twigs and thorns. I'm stitching with just two colours, a charcoal grey and white.

 The print stops quite abruptly so I'm extending the thorns just with the stitch into the background area.

Sometimes it's not so easy to see the quilting from the front, but from the back you can see there's loads. I'm finding myself infilling even tiny spaces which feels crazy when the deadline is tight, but hey!

 Look at the difference in the quilted and unquilted areas.

At least I've been getting enforced breaks when the mogs decide it's teatime. They are anything but subtle.

Bye for now,


  1. What would we do without our studio helpers?? Love the tones and textures in this quilt, and the way you've extended the monoprint. This'd be a great DMTV video - just saying... ;-)

  2. This is wonderful. I love all the texture the quilting is providing and the back view is fantastic. I agree with TwelveQuarters, this would be a fun DMTV series. I have always wanted to try monoprinting on cloth ala Bobby Britnel's book. I think it is time. What would we do without our studio helpers reminding us to take the time to drink a cuppa or give them a pet?


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