Pixie Dress

If you follow my Instagram page then you'll already have seen this little poser wearing the Pixie Dress from Violette Field Threads. It's an instant PDF download pattern that you can print at home. I know these can be a pain, printing out all the sheets and taping them together, but really I don't mind for kids' clothes as the pieces are pretty small and you can make a start right away!

I really like the pattern because of the way the bodice is constructed with a panel front and back with sleeve sections added. The panel is the perfect place to showcase some special fabric, or maybe something printed, or embroidered. 

The back has a 'v' cut out and simple ties which look really pretty.

The only thing that caught me out was how much fabric is needed for the skirt. I think it must pretty much be a full circle skirt. Luckily I'd got enough, and apparently, it's perfect for twirling.

I've got loads of patterns that are downloaded and I never print out the instructions, I just work off the screen to follow the steps. That's great, but it does mean I tend to forget what I've got because there's no pattern envelope. So instead, I've done a couple of pages in my sketchbook as a record of the dress.

I've added some scraps of fabric as a reminder of what worked. The stripe is a very fine lawn with a subtle seersucker which was just perfect. The spot was a quilting cotton that was quite firm, but that seems to be OK for the bodice. It would have been no good for the skirt though, it would have stuck out like a lampshade - not a good look!

The dress has been a big hit and definitely be one I'll be making again. Good news as the pattern goes up to age 10. Of course whether she'll still wear things I've made when she's 10 is another question!

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  1. #yogaposesinpublicplaces Love the kid, the dress, and the pose!

  2. The dress is so cute (as is the model). I love the possibilities with the bodice. If only they made it for adults. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Jeannie, I did see this pattern at Style Arc which is very similar: https://www.stylearc.com/shop/sewing-patterns/lacey-dress/
      It has the same styling in the bodice with the front panel and cuffed dolmen type sleeve. I'm not sure the skirt part would be that flattering on me - need to do some research to see who else has made it!


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