OK, so you're on the desert island, but they've let you have a few things to save your sanity. What would you choose? A needle, scissors? For me it would have to be a sketchbook and an everlasting, always sharp pencil. I can't understate how much I love to draw so why don't I do it more often? Linda and I were talking yesterday about the group of artists known as the daily painters. A great, but daunting idea, to paint every day. I used to draw much more and today I promised myself that I'll get back to it. Maybe not every day, but we'll see.

Here's a start...


  1. Great Laura, you have given me inspiration to start in my sketchbook again. I have neglected it for so long. I have been perfecting my calligraphy; so maybe getting that into a real sketchbook will help me to start drawing around the words:)


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