Geek alert

Amelie had a playdate with G'ma and G'pa today so that my resident Genius and I could escape for a day out to The Gadget Show at the NEC. I'm used to going to that venue for quilting shows which by comparison are rather sedate! We've seen all sorts: 84" superthin, super lovely TVs with 4K, HD is already superseded apparently, amazing sound systems for blasting tunes wirelessly all over your home, tablets, tablets and more tablets, and all kinds of technological trickery to make life brighter, faster and more fantastic. I'm no tech geek, but it's impossible not to be impressed by all that's on offer. It's totally different to the pace of the textile world that advances so much more slowly and with much less noise.

Several stands were using 3D printers which are fascinating to watch. I wonder how long it'll take for a tech savvy quilt company to invest in one to produce buttons and beads? Another company was building all manner of contraptions including steam driven bicycles and this car powered by Husqvarna, chainsaws rather then sewing machines though this time!

This robot was one of the spookiest things there. Is it just me or are robots quite scary? The head on this one was unnervingly realistic and in spite of the sign 'Please don't touch my head', every child nearby felt the need to poke his face!

Of course technology isn't all just black boxes and plastic bits. There are things of beauty too, like these gorgeous speakers.


  1. I am not a tech geek either, but I love looking at the designs and the incredible advances that have taken place. The robot? No, thanks, unless he cleans windows and my studio. :) I wish those that design would look at the beauty of Art Deco and Art Nouveau for some ideas. I'd love to have a TV or computer with some beautiful ancanthus leaves or a curve here and there. Loved the speakers!


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