Showing work

Thanks everyone who commented on the last post or emailed me directly. I won't make a habit of being a grump. I'd love to be able to do my own sweet thing, and of course compared to some people who have to work 9-5 in a job they hate, I've got it made, but at the end of the day, I do have to make sure that there is an element of my work that's commercial. There are mouths to feed after all. I have to make a living at what I do, otherwise I'd have to get a proper job. Heaven forbid. I suppose it's the responsibility of motherhood that made me question what I'm doing, that perhaps I shouldn't just keep winging it, and should get a grand master plan instead. Trouble is, I'm as good at following a plan as Amelie is at eating up broccoli.

What I know for sure is that more and more the quilts I make aren't fitting into the conventional quilt show. I don't care about that, but what I do care about is having an outlet to showcase my work. The obvious answer is to set up exhibitions of my own and that's where SiX and Through Our Hands are both coming into their own this year. SiX - Orientation has just opened at Minerva. The exhibition runs all summer until early September. All the blurb is on their website I made one new quilt for this venue so have four pieces in total on display. Here are a few photos I've pinched from the Minerva site.

The Rivals - Linda Kemshall

Still Life - Annabel Rainbow
I hope you'll perhaps be able to join me and most of the other artists for a special Meet The Artists afternoon on Sunday 21st July (1-3pm). We'll be there to chat informally about the work and answer any questions. With luck the weather will still be beautiful - perfect for a ride out to mid-Wales.

Even more exciting as far as I'm concerned is the Through Our Hands exhibition at Festival of Quilts next month. Exciting because we get full control in how the work is hung. Annabel and I have been busy thrashing out ideas, drawing plans of the space and trying to figure out just how much work we can fit into the area. We've invited new quilts from the artists and are so pleased that there will be a number of new pieces on display. Included in that count will be two of mine. The one with the gilt background that you've seen in progress before and this one...

Ok, well that's just a sneaky detail from my work in progress photos! I'll find out more pictures to show you next time, but really you need to come to Festival to see it and all the other amazing TOH quilts for real. The dates for your diary are 8th -11th August, venue, NEC, Birmingham, all the bumpf on

So that's it the countdown to Festival has begun, lists are being written and jobs are being tackled with a fresh sense of urgency!