Tackling the list

I realised I've turned into one of those annoying people who have a blog but don't update it for AGES! I'm sorry about that. Each day I have a mental list of what I've got to get done and to be honest, updating the blog has been pushed down by more urgent deadlines. I'm a nightmare when it comes to deadlines. I'm a real last minute wonder and I know it drives other people mad. I'm working with the super-organised Annabel Rainbow at the moment on the final preparations for the Through Our Hands exhibit at Festival of Quilts and she must be tearing her hair out with me!

So let's catch up. First of all, don't feel bad for me, it's not all work and no play.

We went on a little outing to Much Wenlock and visited the lovely Twenty Twenty gallery. They were showing a selection of work including these hand embroideries by Amanda Wright.

Back in Linda's studio I've been working on the longarm to get my quilt done for Through Our Hands. The studio has lots of glass and it's like working in a greenhouse, if anyone wanders in and finds a melted puddle under the machine then it's me.

I finally completed the quilting late this afternoon so tomorrow it'll be the satisfying task of squaring the quilt up and putting the binding on.

I'm showing two brand new quilts at Through Our Hands and I know some of the other artists are adding new pieces too. Annabel and I are really excited to see the work hung together and if you're going to Festival we do hope that you'll add it to your list of must-sees. If you've not yet booked your tickets then why not enter our draw to win a free day ticket? We've got two to give away and for a chance of winning all you have to do is leave a comment on our Facebook page. That's got to be worth a go! Here's the link to take you right there: Through Our Hands Facebook Page

Last Sunday it was Meet the Artists at Minerva 13 in Llanidloes. I've posted a few photos on the SiX and Friends blog and I know Steph has also put some on her blog too. The exhibition runs until early September so there's still plenty of time to pop along.

Top of the list for the rest of the week is getting ready for the workshop and Pop-up Shop that are happening on Sunday. I'll be back soon to tell you more.



  1. OMG you're such a busy bee. Don't appologize.

  2. Don't worry about not posting often - it mens that when you do you have something worthwhile to say and it's well worth waiting for! Thank you for taking the time.


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