Mini Bunting

We've made home-sewn decorations for as long as I can remember. It's such fun to find them out each year and rather than shop-bought decorations which might get tatty and old, ones that you've made yourself or with children seem to retain so much charm and character. This mini-bunting is quick to make and looks wonderful draped on the tree. 

You'll need:
Some scraps of felt in seasonal colours
A long length of woven braid or ribbon about 1cm wide
Sewing machine
Scissors or rotary cutter

Cut the felt into triangles. They don't need to all be exactly the same size, mine vary between about 4-5cm from top edge to tip.

In use, the back of the bunting will show so thread up your sewing with the same thread top and bottom. I'm using metallic gold. Don't be nervous about using metallic thread, just take time to test the tension on your machine and pop a new needle in. I used an Embroidery needle which I think is a size 90.

Select a decorative stitch on your machine. I found one that is like a simple star. If your machine doesn't do decorative stitches then a zigzag will work just as well. Position the tape or ribbon under the foot of the machine. The machine might struggle to find the tape with the feed dogs at first so gently ease it through by pulling on the tail ends of the threads. Stitch along with the machine set to leave the needle down when you pause.
Stitch for a couple of inches, then stop with the needle in the work and lift the foot. Pop a felt triangle in place tucking it right up to the needle.

Lower the foot and continue to stitch. Space the triangles about 2-3cm apart. Continue in this way until you've filled the tape, used all your felt or run out of energy!

Drape your festive mini bunting on the tree and admire.


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