No pressure then

Not content with printing the fronts of my quilts, I've started printing the backs too. I thought it would be fun to repeat the title of the quilt over and over again so I used my tablet and pen to write the text into Photoshop and make a .jpg file for printing.

I'm hopeless at labelling my quilts and they often end up with my name just written on the back with permanent marker. I reckoned it would be a clever solution to print a label as part of the backing. What might not have been so clever was to put this year's date on them...

These four are just the tip of the iceberg. I have lots of quilting to do. Still, at least they're all layered up now ready for when time, energy and inspiration coincides.

One of our regular haunts is Much Wenlock, a few miles from here. Most definitely a one horse town, it's pretty and sleepy, but has a gem of a gallery that I always enjoy visiting. Last time we dropped in there was a demonstration by printmaker Angela Harding. She was cutting lino and hand printing with a wooden spoon to burnish instead of a press.

Lovely to see the fine marks she uses and to have a flick through her little sketchbooks.

Last of the big spenders I bought a card. If you recognise her style it might be from BBC Countryfile magazine or Gardens Illustrated, both of which apparently feature her work regularly.

Had to share this photo of Amelie. Now that the weather's turned wintry it's time to work through her hat collection. Love this one with the knitted pigtail by G-G'ma!

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  1. What a good idea about printing the backs of your quilts :) And thank you for sharing the images of Angela Harding's lovely prints!

  2. Inspired backings. Fabulous hat :-)

  3. Amelie is turning from a baby into a real beauty of a little girl!!


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