Mixed media

I had a good day in the studio yesterday, catching up with the more mundane tasks of cutting print samples and organising this week's printing schedule, but also moving some work on to the next stage. It's obviously tempting with digital print to let the print do all the work, but I like to keep a balance between the digital and manual layering of processes.

I had printed large scale photos of orchids to cotton poplin. I'd not erased out any of the background in Photoshop beforehand knowing that I'd want to get rid of it more creatively. The previous piece in this series got the gold leaf treatment and I gilded the entire background. This time I'm painting it out using white paint.

It's not particularly opaque unless several coats are applied, but I quite like the brush mark quality which contrasts nicely with the print.


  1. Wow! What lovely printing!! And who knew....white paint is working perfectly!

  2. It's always satisfying to see your own hand in the work and this worked really well!


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