What if?

What if I print the iPad drawings to fabric? This was just a quick experiment to see how drawings done on the iPad would translate to digital prints on fabric, to see if the quality was there, the marks translated, the tone was deep.

I think they've turned out quite well. I printed the landscapes at two different sizes, one quite small and then the other much larger to see how much enlargement it could take. Maybe it's because of the sketchy quality of the drawing, but the enlargements worked well.

The poppy's going on one side for another time, the landscape's have been layered up with wadding and backing, and added to the pile that awaits the arrival of the quilting fairies. They are coming aren't they? I hope so.

Fancy getting your own iPad drawings printed to fabric? Just drop me a line laurakemshall@gmail.com


  1. Ooh they look great!

  2. I thought you were the quilting fairy? Or have you taught Amelie to quilt already? These are gorgeous and will be wonderful additions to your work.

  3. Please, please, please show us how you did paint it on your iPad. I had a Class in Birmingham drawing with the iPad. And I did try but nothing nice came out. So please!


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