It's all about getting ready round here at the moment, preparing fabrics for Christmas orders, renovations on the pavilion for my workshops next year and gearing up for a new series of work that's simmering away and seriously needs to be begun.

I love wrapping presents and packing up customer orders for Christmas feels a lot like that. It's lovely to know our fabric that's printed here in Shropshire is finding its way all around the world. The "We Print You Colour" printed colouring book style napkins have been one of our best sellers. There's still time left to order if you'd like some for your table this Christmas. We also have the fabric as tablecloths and runners so if that suits you better just email me to order.

Meanwhile, work continues on the pavilion. We've been so lucky with the weather and although it's very cold now, the sun is shining so progress is happening with leaps and bounds. While I'm very sorry to see some of the lovely painted surfaces going, it's satisfying to know we're breathing life back into this old building that was rapidly slipping into a pile! This weekend the insulation will be added so it'll be all snug and cosy. 

The room's got a lovely airy feel and even Linda's tempted to offer some workshops here next year. I'll keep you posted on that just as soon as I can pin her down on some dates.

The carpenters have been doing an excellent job on gathering up the bronze/copper nails for me. One little tubful has grown into a bucketful. I'm not sure I need quite that many, but I daren't say anything now they've taken the time to pick them out! I'm really excited that part of this house will be finding its way into my work. I do love it here. 

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  1. Laura - so excited!! And I'll be there for your altered books day ( really looking forward to it)!

    The thought of your Pavilion coming back to life fills me with a profound sense of satisfaction - and it's not even mine!!


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