You know you're ill when...

I know I'm ill when...

a haul like this is delivered and I can barely summon the energy to unwrap the parcel let alone take the tops off the tubs!

Amelie, Mom and I are all laid low with a virus. It's a rotten time to be ill, there's too much to do with work, the house renovations are at a critical stage when decisions need to be made with a clear head, and after all the holidays are just around the corner. I'm fed up with it all so have decided to be better tomorrow come what may, let's hope my thick head and painful throat and chest get the memo.

Why all the new paint? Well it's my headstart on a New Year's Resolution to get better at painting.

Luckily Amelie seemed to be feeling a bit better this morning and did some drawing. She said it was a picture of Daddy! Look how beautifully she's holding the pen though, not bad for 2 years and a bit. And yes, it's a Sharpie; no matter how many children's crayons and washable pens I offer, it always has to be the permanent marker.

Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully I'll be back to full speed very soon.


  1. Speedy recovery!!! It's no fun being sick anytime of the year but now is the worse time!!! Take care!

  2. I hope you all are feeling better soon! I laughed out loud when I read your resolve for next year. I consider you an accomplished artist and painter. Rest, relax, and take care of yourself!


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