My most treasured possession

I said yesterday that I'd be back with inspiration for Finish Me! journals today, but I'm afraid that will have to wait a moment because I have to share something with you. I know it's because I've always had a love of drawing that one of the milestones I've been waiting for is for Amelie to start to draw things that actually look like something, rather than energetic scribble. On Wednesday, after all my students had gone home, she and I were pottering in the Wooden House and she asked for pens and paper...

OK, maybe you have to use a little vision, but that's Daddy.



and Mommy! 

I'm rather wishing I'd given her something better to draw on than old cereal packets. Needless to say, I'm going to keep these forever.



  1. How lovely - what a talented family!

  2. How precious Laura. We still have my daughter's first drawings, my husband mounted them on some wood. (she's 30 now with her own little girl saving lots of precious things like you do)

  3. Hurrah! You are blessed indeed! It amuses me that the image of you, appears to have you smiling, and the one of Grandma, appears to have her talking! Amazing what gets captured. Thanks for sharing.


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