Mixed Media Monoprint

Monoprint has been by far the most requested subject for workshops this year so it seems right it was the subject of the final class of the year. I was joined by a group of lovely students who worked so hard and were so productive. I think one of the reasons monoprint is so useful is that it combines so beautifully with other methods. I love to mix it with collage and drawing.

Students warmed up with a few prints to help get a feel for the plates, inks, papers and tools, before being more thoughtful about creating simple collages from prints and as a support for more printing.

It's not always easy in a classroom situation to produce your best work, the materials and equipment might be unfamiliar, the techniques might be new, and I'm constantly making suggestions of new things to try. That said, there's no substitute for just getting on with it and trying. Ideas and results only come about from working, not wondering what if. Yesterday's students all went home with collage/monoprint compositions that were really well-resolved and a pile of prints to play with at home. They all did brilliantly. I've been fortunate to have such great students at all of my classes this year. A big thank you to everyone who came to play in the Wooden House. It's been fun.

I have really enjoyed teaching the workshops here this year. I joked yesterday that I'd be quite pleased if all the students could just leave so I could play with the techniques myself. But of course it's not really a joke, seeing what the students have produced in this class and in all the other workshops this year has been really inspiring. We've produced so much work in that room, the walls have been filled with colour, pattern, drama and ideas. Now all I want to do is close the door and get busy myself. I have lots of ideas that I just need to try.

While there won't be any more workshops here for a while, I do have plans to turn some of what we've done this year into some online workshops. They'll take a bit of time to put together but I'll keep you posted.

My apprentice waited patiently until the end of class and then joined me as I cleared up. Her latest favourite thing to draw? Aliens!

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  1. Really enjoying seeing what your students produce. Am an avid DMTV fan and have been playing along with monoprinting. As one who lives over the other side of the world I am very excited about the prospect of online classes. Debra

  2. You are right...the students work is BRILLIANT!! What wonderful pieces!

  3. Your student's artwork are gorgeous. The more I read the more I wanted to put my nose up to the screen to see even more. I hope they are as excited about their designs as I am. Like Debra, I would love to participate in an online class. DMTV has been a life saver for me and others who live in rural areas, far from resources or classes. Thanks, as always I have more ideas than time.

  4. I would have loved to do one of your classes in the wooden house but the distance and time off work have been a problem this year but II've loved seeing what your students have produced. I'm lucky in that we have lots of courses available in Sheffield & I've been doing C&G embroidery at night class but I love DMTV as it's opened my mind to so many new techniques and ideas. On line courses can reach so many people so put my name down on the list please as this would be a great idea..


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