Still beauty

I have been meaning to post for the last couple of days, but everything I had to say seemed rather insignificant in light of recent events. I went out walking in the grey drizzle yesterday to remind myself that the world, despite how precarious it may be, still has so much beauty. I feel I want to live in a quiet bubble and hope, for all it's worth, that today won't be the day it bursts.

The falling leaves herald the return of the bare hedges that I love so much, in all their angular, spiky perfection. They've been trimmed with precision, but still a few have kept their berries adding a glorious deep red.

The hawthorn and blackthorn hedges look pretty intimidating, but it's just a question of scale. They're sanctuary for small birds like this little character.

The light was flat, not great for photos but it was still and quietly beautiful. I keep promising myself time for painting and am mentally saving up subject matter to tackle when I finally find some time to get stuck in. I like the potential of the thorny hedges against a broader landscape with stands of trees. I'm not sure how I would paint something like this yet, but that's my main reason for trying, to see if I can find a way that works.

Thank you for visiting. Back soon.


  1. I can still see some printed fabric even if the light was "flat"...great pics...especially for mono printing!

  2. Thank you for posting photos of the hedges. I have seen your previous artwork based on their thorny goodness, but had never seen them "in the wild". I even have some of your fabric printed with them because they were so dramatic. I now understand your attraction to them. So very dramatic, especially with the flat lighting. I am with you of crawling into a warm bubble and just creating. Sending warm hugs across the pond to you and your's.

  3. Dear Laura
    Very appropriate. I can't think of a better response to the shattering of peace than appreciating what we have. And artists must do art. That's always right.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful post and interesting photographs. I love seeing your hedges in the UK we do not have these in Brisbane!


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