The Armchairs - Before and After!

Do you remember these chairs? I think I may have posted them on my Instagram a few months ago. They were an eBay purchase and a risky one - who even buys a chair without sitting in it first?? Well, they were OK, except if you did sit on them, you were virtually on the floor because the springs had gone! 

Oh yes, and the fabric is original. Original and hideous. 

My lovely friend Rosemary from Charlton Interiors took on the job of rescuing the chairs. 

They were both carefully stripped back and the remedial structural work done. Rosemary was able to restore the chairs to their former plumptious-ness!

The horrible mis-matched castors were abandoned, and then it was time to start working with the new fabric. Do you remember I found these lovely jacquard fabrics on the Rag Market? 

I love half-square triangles in patchwork, so this woven version was an instant hit with me. I bought it in two sizes and we have mixed and matched, using the small scale for the edge of the seat cushion and other details which I think works brilliantly.

Here's the first chair finished. I love how the simple shape, 1910-20s we think, has been updated with the new fabric.

And here's the other one which is covered in another fabric from the same collection, this time the tumbling blocks design which is another favourite of mine. I am now itching to make some new scatter cushions with tumbling blocks piecing!

New upholstery? The cats were banned, but that only lasted for one day. If they dare bare a claw near them they'll be chased to the top of the garden!

Rosemary's website is here and her Facebook is here. Do take a look if you're in the market for giving your chairs a bit of a facelift. We're delighted with how the chairs have turned out. They should be good for another 100 years! 

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  1. WOW! What a makeover!!! Love the different block fabrics...they are SO cool!!!!

  2. Fantastic job! I love the fabrics you found and they make the chairs so modern with a unique twist. I wish Rosemary had a trip to the US and I'd keep her busy. Curl up and enjoy your new chairs!

  3. They look wonderful!! Lovely and plumpcious. Love those fabrics but I wonder if in 50/60 years they need rehoming and the 'hideous' 'teens fabric replaced... but with what? what will be en vogue then??? It's great how things are moved through time, updated, repurposed etc. Love the little new feet too.

  4. I bough the same fabric in Birmingham during the Festival of quilts. I had de same Idea.
    Yous look absolutely fabulous. Thank for sharing.

  5. Sit on a stunningly upholstered chair, in the winter sunlight, design, dream and get strong.
    Di Taylor


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