With all the work I have on the list to do, you'd think it would be foolish to be distracted by dressmaking, but I can't help it! I'm a big fan of Ottobre magazines. They are published several times of year and there are different issues for children's, women's and menswear patterns. You have to trace off the pattern from a master pattern sheet. It has all the patterns in all the sizes so does look a bit confusing at first, but I don't mind tracing them off. I always trace my patterns off onto Swedish paper and keep the original anyway.

I'm working through making this dress at the moment. The bodice is done apart from the decorative stitching which will replace the basting and hold the facing in place. I've not decided what colour to use for this at the moment. The fabric is shot with black so that would be an obvious choice, but it could also be fun to introduce a different colour.

Making women's clothes is nowhere as speedy as kid's stuff. You need more fabric, the styles are often more complicated and there are all those darts to contend with. In the time I've spent on this dress I've also made Amelie a pair of pyjamas, a top, a sweater dress and a pair of leggings!

These are all Ottobre patterns. The sweater dress is in a quilted jersey fabric that I bought ages with the intention of lining a coat or a jacket. Never made either so when I spotted this sweater dress pattern I thought it would be perfect. Our Spring weather has not been very springlike so a cosy dress is welcome. It's a bit big at the moment, but I am sewing everything for her in the next size up because she is growing like a weed. The dress has patch pockets and cuffs in jersey and I used the same animal print as the leggings.

The leggings by the way are the most simple thing to sew ever. If you fancy having a go at dressmaking, have some jersey fabric and an overlocker then do give them a try. I reckon I've got these down to 15 minutes a pair now sewing time!

This is a top I've made a number of times before. I love the shape of the pockets. They are a bit tricky as the curve is tight but as with everything my cover-stitching is getting better the more I practise. 

For the top stitching and hems the cover-stitching is worked from the wrong side so you see the looper thread as a decorative pattern on the front. I'm using Madeira Aeroflock which is a woolly nylon thread. Great for in the looper of your overlocker or cover-stitcher. The wooly nylon fluffs out a bit giving a nice full look to the stitch, more generous looking than just regular overlock thread.

I'll work again on my dress tonight, but not too late - last night I managed to sew the neck facing in before I went to bed. Unfortunately I put it in back to front. I guess I was more tired than I thought! 

Bye for now,


  1. So nice that you share your dress making projects with us too!!! You do lovely work and the outfits for your little one are adorable!!!!

  2. I must agree with Robbie, Amelie is a stunning model. What pattern have you used for the leggings and top. They're beautiful. I bought a cover stitch machine last year and Im struggling with it.😁😁


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