Sharing the skills

Whether you're a parent or grandparent, I'm sure you've been spending much of your time this week entertaining the kids while they're off school. Amelie is very keen to join in with whatever I'm doing and likes nothing better than going into the studio and playing with paint. This week I've taught her how to do linear monoprint. She's done reductive monoprinting before, a very long time ago, but never tried this method.

First she learnt how to roll out the ink correctly.

Then she learnt how to make the marks. If you've tried linear monoprint before you'll know it's a bit trickier as anywhere you press makes a mark. Drawing without resting your hand can be really difficult for us grown-ups, turns out when you're five it's pretty easy!

I'm working on portraits so I set Amelie up to draw some faces too. They are so characterful. Don't you just love them?

This would be such fun for a school group project.

 She worked on these to practise and get a feel for what to do and then we did some collaborative pieces. More on those tomorrow!

We printed onto fabric with Caligo non-toxic safe-wash inks. 

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  1. Wonderful, free form and playful prints! Her smile in the last photo says it all. Thanks for sharing!

    1. She loved peeling back the fabric to reveal the print - we all do!

  2. Wonderful!!! Another artist in the making!!!


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