A wonderful gift

I've received lots of little treasures in the post from friends since I was diagnosed and they have all helped to lift my mood when it's been low. Linda visited Festival of Quilts this week and was presented with a most special gift for me by another visitor, Janet. Janet, I can't thank you enough, you are so generous!

She has given me this beautiful antique quilt.

Isn't that amazing? It's hand pieced diamonds, English paper pieced method just like my Ruby Star quilt. 

This one has more of a 'tumbling blocks' look to it. It seems to be worked entirely in silks.

And the back is a glorious ruffle of seam allowances.

I love tumbling Blocks as you can see by the upholstered chair in my lounge. The quilt is just perfect with it.

They look like they were meant to be together!

There are a few papers still left in the piecing. 

And I was delighted to find one with a date, Feb 24th, 1900.

So what to do with the quilt? Should I finish it? Some of the fabrics are perishing, but I could layer it up with some felt perhaps, and a backing and quilt it. Or should I leave it just as it is? I really can't decide. Janet hoped that I might be able to use it in some way to help with the fundraising. I have an idea in mind, but I'll need a little time to test it out before I can show you. 

Thank you again,
Love Laura


  1. What a treasure! I find the back as interesting as the front. The whip stitching is beautiful and the edging on the purple silk is beautiful. I like your idea of mounting it on felt. You could also mount it on a canvas that you have painted or do smaller versions if you decide to cut it up. The "quilt police" here in the US heads explode when quilts are cut up. I used to restore antique quilts and not every one is restorable. I also scratched my head at people who paid me a lot of money to restore a quilt only to put it away in a cedar chest. I have always advocated for making textiles useable and something that you love to have on display. I am sure that you are going to come up with a use that is perfect. Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it!

  2. How about just a bit of protective fine netting on top of the areas that are showing wear? It is so beautiful as it is.

  3. I'd be tempted to protect the back with something transparent. Silk organza or such, so the seams would be protected but still visible. Then, finish the edges in some fashion. What a treasure!

  4. It's a stunner and how lovely to be able to date it too. xx


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