A lick of paint

My Grandma is now in her mid-eighties. She's a woman of style and has a great sense of colour and what goes with what. This week she's given her kitchen a makeover by painting all of the cupboard doors. It's such a great way to give furniture a fresh look and I couldn't resist getting in on the act.

I'd bought this Victorian wooden box to use as a coffee table/place to hide junk when visitors arrive unexpectedly. It's pine, but had originally been painted with faux wood graining to make it look more than it is. By the time I picked it up it was in a fairly rough state. I've given it a rub down with some wax, but the drab brown wasn't really working.

I've painted the whole thing with this Annie Sloan paint that's so forgiving. You don't have to do any prep, you just paint right over whatever was there before. Perfect for a lazy painter like me.

I really liked the original initials so I've painted around them.

I used a sanding block to rub back the corners and edges for a very subtle aged look. I didn't want to go too 1990's French Rustic.

The paint has a chalky finish so I've added a layer of clear furniture wax which has sealed it and makes it wipeable.

Not a great photo, but the box is much improved. Just the rest of the room to do now, oh wait, the whole house. I got home yesterday to be greeted by this:

Yes, we now have facilities in the garden. It's probably time to order the skip.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. The box looks fab! But, I'm going to come round unannounced just so I can lift the lid and peer inside. Very useful place for a toilet - can be seen clearly from inside and outside the house - hope you're providing visitors with an umbrella though.

  2. You made a great job of the box and I see "he who gardens" must plumb as well!!


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