Making Time

I'm often asked how I find time to fit creative things in. The answer might surprise you, but I find that doing lots, having a number of different projects on the go really helps. I have machine quilting projects, computer based design work, sketchbooks, and hand stitch. It might sound odd to recommend hand quilting when time is short, but it's such a good activity to fill a spare few minutes here and there. I even hand quilt late at night when it's all I have the brain energy for! Here's what I'm working on, a quilt for Amelie's bed. I need to work as often as I can on it so it's finished before she grows up and leaves home!


  1. It's beautiful Laura, she will treasure it. My girls took their quilts to Uni and still have them even though they are in their 30's! She will grow to love every stitch you have made. X

  2. Gorgeous! And every stitch filled with love.

  3. how beautiful and what precise stitching.


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