Garden Delights

I realise I'm updating this blog in fits and starts! Sometimes several posts in a week then I'm awol. Truth is, it's all very well blogging, but sometimes you just have to get on with things and DO! I love this time of year, it's warm but not baking, the day's are long and the garden is so full of life. We've got new neighbours, a pair of mistle thrushes are building a nest in one of our trees, there are great tits in the bird box and a pheasant has taken up residence (that might have something to do with neverending supply of peanuts and birdseed cast on the floor courtesy of you-know-who).

Clearly some little birds have already fledged. I found this nest on the floor under a giant conifer.

I couldn't resist a few garden snaps. Knowing Linda's in the mood for some new work with iris I took this one with her in mind. Don't you just love the dark background provided by the acer?

Of course there are some contenders who are more up my street. I'm loving these poppies on improbably long and elegant stems.

And these little beauties who are popping up in all the shadier corners.

A certain someone would happily spend every daylight hour outdoors. Think it all looks idyllic? She's actually pulling the buds off the poppies. Not quite so cute!

Meanwhile some work has been happening. This is a very sneaky peek at a new quilt Linda and I are collaborating on for exhibition later this year. Here is the top being digitally printed.

It's a composite of a number of Linda's different bird paintings which I've assembled on a photo of a tree from my garden and Photoshopped together. It'll be a little more vibrant once it's steamed and washed and then the quilting will begin!

Hope you're all enjoying some lovely weather where you are.
Thanks for stopping by and catching up.


  1. Love the spring pics!!! And the printed fabric looks SO interesting!!!!


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