With studio renovations on the horizon I really oughtn't be buying anything for that room, but when I spied this on the market for £18 there was no way I was leaving it behind…

It's an old tool box, the lid lifts up and the front drops down revealing a really useful tray and shelves.

I've hoovered out the rust and dust, given it a wipe with polish and it's now the home for all my printing rollers, print blocks and stamps.

Meanwhile, my studio apprentice gets to work on one of my painting panels. Luckily it's just the cardboard cover. Still, you've got to admire her ambition to fill the whole canvas!



  1. what a find ... very jealous! Your little helper looks adorable!x

  2. Truly a delicious treasure for the studio. If I had my way, I'd toss out the end tables, and sofas and just have boxes with cushions to sit upon. Amelia brings so much joy. Have fun!

  3. I can imagine you couldn't leave this box behind.


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