Which camera?

There was a comment on one of my blog posts recently asking me about which camera I use. I'm afraid I can't find it now to answer the question directly so I thought I'd post instead!

Photography seems to becoming an increasingly important part of my work, not least as I learn more about how to use Photoshop and explore the creative potential of that.

And of course as a Mom I love to have the camera handy to take about a zillion photos of Amelie.

My previous camera was a Canon 550D which I loved. It's only downside was it's size - too bulky to fit into my bag. I found I was getting lazy about carrying it around and left it at home only to use my iPhone instead. So I replaced it with the Olympus OM-D EM-10. I have to say I think it's brilliant. It's neat in size, but there's no compromise on the quality of the photos. 

It has lots of fun features that I'm only just finding time to play with. There's loads of info on their website if photography is your thing:


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