All systems go

I've probably been conspicuous by my absence over on the Daily Drawing Flickr pool. Why? Well after 6 months of waiting our planning permission was granted earlier this week. Suddenly all the materials we've ordered and the workmen who've been waiting are on site and it's all systems go. It's not quite so easy living on a building site with a toddler, but I have to admit, despite the chaos, dirt, trenches and rubble I am loving it. So far it's all been about the groundworks, mostly drains, which is necessary but incredibly dull so no photos! I thought instead I'd share a picture of the pavilion which we're restoring:

OK, I know it looks like a shed, well, half a shed at the moment, but trust me, when it's all back to its former glory it's going to be lovely. As you can see the weather's been very kind to us, let's hope it lasts.

I'd missed doing the drawing and finding time for it today when I ought to have been doing any number of other things, was a real luxury. It's important to try to maintain some creative time each day though so here's a quick drawing of some of the rose hips I'd photographed in the garden a couple of days ago. Love these shapes, the long petal-ly bits (will really have to Google what they are) are so elegant.

Hope you're having a good week wherever you are too.
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