Grand Designs

I'm not sure it truly qualifies as a 'Grand Design' or just feels like one, but our house renovations are still in full swing. We've been planning, researching and dreaming for so long it's now so exciting to see things actually happening, though of course, true to form the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it's been raining like stair rods for two days.

One job on the list was to put my greenhouse back together. It had been carefully dismantled and brought here and been leaning up a fence for the best part of a year. Very satisfying to see it back as it should be. We're only part way through the glazing so we're hoping for no more high winds!

If you're wondering what's happened to my daily drawing, then I'll have to confess that it's been put on the back burner this week. Now I'm deputy project manager, site foreman, designer and tea lady  there's unfortunately a very long list of jobs to do each day! To good an opportunity to miss was a research trip to Grand Designs Live at the NEC today. I love watching this programme on TV and seeing the trials and tribulations that homeowners go through don't you?

The show's divided into four zones and we spent most of our day in the 'Build' section as that's where we're at right now. We caught up with the company making our windows and reminded ourselves of how lovely they'll be when they're fitted (as I type the window sill behind me is covered with old tea towels to catch all the water that's raining in!).

Of course the resident sparky was interested in stands with anything tech, but this stand with vintage style lighting caught our attention too. We're planning a feature light in the day.

And here's the main man, Kevin McCloud taking part in a seminar.

We reckoned Amelie might appreciate us focussing attention on another type of house...

We came home with a big pile of bumph. If you've ever picked up a Fingerprint business card you'll know we like a quirky bit of marketing (our business cards are fabric), but a business card that's a chunky lump of eco wall?

 Now all we have to do is get on and...

Thanks for dropping by. Much as I'm enjoying all this house stuff I'm hoping to get back to something creative very soon. I might even manage a bit of drawing tonight...