Spring flowers are always a welcome sight and while I'm not mad on daffs, I do love to see crocus. We've had quite a lot of disruptive work related to drainage and water pipes done in our garden this winter and I was very nervous that the bulbs would either have been dug up, or their little shoots trampled on by work boots. But they have survived and are putting on a stunning show in the sunshine. Even a bee arrived right on cue for his photo!


  1. The crocus are joyful, aren't they? I have just been watching a bee on my pulmonaria. I told him to feast well, then take his pollen load back to the hive and stay warm. It was sunny here this morning, but is now rather chill. I hope the bee u derstood and did as he was told!

  2. Laura, you can't imagine how therapeutic this is. It's snowing today and hard to believe there is life under the 3-foot snow-pack on the garden. Crocus time here is usually early May; your photos are a wonderful reminder of how it's always well worth the wait!


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