Finish Me! Art Journal - Rubbings

OK, so while I'm on the subject of rubbings I thought they'd be an ideal technique to suggest to you for using in the Finish Me! Art Journals. Many of the pages in the book will be suitable to make a rubbing on, just avoid the really heavy papers. Newsprint, lightweight cartridge, some of the vintage papers and tracing should all work really nicely.

Of course you can make a rubbing from any textured surface, but I think rather than finding something random, it's better to have some creative input. One of the simplest ways to make a rubbing plate is using card. I like to recycle packaging card for this and cereal box card is perfect.

Cut one piece to make a base and then cut other shapes from the card to form your pattern. I've just gone for squares. Glue them down or use double sided tape if you're in a hurry.

Place the rubbing plate in position underneath the page you want the design to appear on. Hold the plate and paper still and drag the side of a graphite stick, oil pastel (student quality actually works best for this), wax crayon, Inktense block, over the surface. I favour a solid graphite stick for most of my rubbings, but I'd suggest you experiment to see what works for you.

After the rubbing is made, you can also add a wash too if you like. (Washing over an Inktense Block rubbing will move the colour, whereas an oil pastel rubbing will resist it).

I've used a rubbing to make a frame to the page which is a great way to get started on a making a journal page.

Have fun!


  1. love this idea, I'm off to find an empty cereal box...

    1. None of the cereal in our house still has its box - I warn you, rubbings are addictive!!


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