Entertaining the Creative Kid

I don't know if all two-year-olds are the same, but we've got one who opens her eyes before it's morning, yells "Mooorrrrnnninnnng!" and then goes through the day like a whirlwind before falling asleep at some point, usually still chattering. Entertaining? Yes. Tiring? Yes! I do my best to keep her entertained with all sorts of creative activities. This week we've been experimenting with china paints. (Not your usual toddler-friendly activity, but she's very closely supervised at all times).

We're all set, she's smiling sweetly, I get the camera out, this happens.

We applied the ceramic paints with small brushes.

I wrote her name on the teapot with a Sharpie as I'd read somewhere that it'll be permanent once baked.

A thinner layer of paint is probably better, but once dry they can be baked and the painting is permanent.

These are the paints we used. They just bake in the oven once dry. Thanks to Baker Ross for the paints and teapots! Definitely something we'll be doing again.


  1. If only you could bottle up that energy and sell it! My great nephew is the same age and the same energy level, so I have been passing your ideas on. :)

  2. This brings back memories she looks like she is having fun.

  3. Great Idea. Thank Laura. Kiss voor the great artist in your studio.


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