Cheaper than Therapy

OK I'll admit it, with one thing or another it's been a bit stressful lately. I need to just take some time out and relax. Trouble is, I'm my own worst enemy and find it really hard to just do nothing, even for a short length of time. One thing that I do find helps is to draw. I love to lose myself in a drawing. Hours and mealtimes can pass by without me looking up from the page.

Linda's been working on self portrait paintings and my pal Annabel and I have been chatting about the subject as potential for some future work too. I just had to get in on the act.

These images show three stages of the same drawing. I think by the end I'd overcooked it a bit adding too much tone in pursuit of trying to describe the form and solidity of the head rather than just the features. Looking back over them I quite prefer the lightness in the first stage, but hey, it's a learning process. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Hope you're finding some time for yourself too.



  1. Such talent...I'm green with envy! HA

  2. I'm with Robbie. I admire those who draw portraits. I really like the "softness" of the first one. (I know, my technical art terms crack me up.) Wishing you and your's much joy this holiday season and an outstanding 2016.

  3. Definately the first one. It's all in the eyes. Last one does look a bit fake tanned. Have a great Chirstmas and don't forget to breathe! X

  4. Just to be different of course, I love the second one! I find the intensity in the eyes is heightened by the contrasts with the pale flesh tones but enhanced by the dark background. I've been burning to do some drawing too, but daren't just yet or else the necessary won't get done around here. Can't quite remember when I vacuumed the stairs last. We both need an extra life so we can spill over into it!! (a bit like having two stomachs, one for normal things and one for puddings) But you're a lot busier than me so I sympathise; take it easy xx

    1. Vacuumed the stairs? Might be easiest to move to a bungalow. I would really like another me as an assistant, then I might get close to getting through everything I want to do in a day! Don't know if it's just my family, but stomachs are divided vertically so there's always room in the pudding compartment even if the main course can't be finished. It's just the rules. x

    2. Yep, it's just your family. You're all more genetically advanced with your vertically divided stomachs, whereas we're a throw back to ancient times when we all needed 2 separate ones. Two stomachs increased the capacity you see. Great (x about 11) Uncle Albert was thrown out of the cart by the other chimps for taking too many banana breaks, so all his descendants learned to shovel bananas in double quick time when no one was looking to compensate. xx ps I fully accept I may have gone off on a tangent here....Xmas is a good time to be silly x

    3. Ha! You know, some people might think you'd started early on the sherry trifle, but I know you're just naturally bonkers. x


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