New on DMTV - Paint Pounded Scarf, Part 2

It's Thursday so that must mean a new video workshop on DMTV. This week Linda's back with the second part of The Paint Pounded Scarf.

Join her as she finishes the painted fabrics from last week and uses them for some heavily stitched appliqué decoration on the scarf.

The results are so pretty, scraps of fabric used, and dregs of fabric paint put to excellent use = mission accomplished!

This video workshop (and more than 30 others) are just for DMTV viewers, but you can sign up any time. Here's the link to take you over to DMTV. 

Love Laura


  1. These fabrics look gorgeous and the finished scarf is lovely. I'm off to watch the video now to see how it was all done. And for anyone who hasn't subscribed to DMTV I can heartily recommend it.


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