New on DMTV - Stitching Paper Monoprints

Going live on the website today is my latest video workshop for DMTV, 'Stitching Paper Monoprints'.

When I teach monoprinting I always encourage students to print on paper first, but inevitably by the end of the day, the textile enthusiasts are always asking how they can get the same lovely effects on fabric too.

The simple answer is, you don't have to! In the video workshop I'll show you how to prepare the paper prints and arrange compositions ready for stitching by hand or machine. If you've got a pile of prints then I hope it'll be just what you need.

Subscribers can log in to watch now, if you're not yet a subscriber you can sign up today for access to this video and lots more.

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  1. Laura!!!!! Yay hay!!! This what I do all the time. Actually, do you have a monoprinting class planned. Feel I could do with a bit of your tutelage in this department! H xxx

  2. I stitch on paper all the time too.... its my 'fabric' of choice. I made a pile of mono prints earlier this week, just waiting for thread embellishment.

  3. Loved this video, it's given me loads of ideas, thank you


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