15 minutes

Well that didn't quite go to plan! This week has been one of those weeks and all my good intentions flew out of the window. Between sickness, power cuts, day job, and entertaining this week has evaporated and I've made no time to draw or paint. But of course there is always time, so I just set a time limit of 15 minutes to get back on the wagon and do a sketch. Here it is:

It's not a great likeness, but it is at least an icebreaker. I usually draw in a more linear way so I made a conscious effort to draw more tonally and pay attention to the form of her head rather than the detail.

Hopefully back soon!


  1. It looks so much like your daughter! See you did get to make art today!

  2. So pleased to see you've resumed this blog. The drawing is just lovely.

  3. lovely drawing, I'm so pleased you are back on your blog.


  4. Laura, her face looks like it could just come out of the picture! It is the best I have seen. kudos. Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Lynda in Canada where it hit 20 celcius yesterday!! In February! Shorts weather!


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